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At NANIUM, sustainability means more than just environmental awareness or community development. It refers to a commitment to creating a sustainable tomorrow which, in turn, requires a balance between financial results, social and environmental criteria.

Our sustainable management helps to recognize our opportunities and reduce risks in key managing areas, among which are employee development, supplier relations or sustainability awareness. This is how we ensure to deliver the best value possible to our various interest groups - customers, suppliers, team members, shareholders and community.



NANIUM’s Quality Management Process applies to the entire value chain. The company aims to establish long-term business partnerships with suppliers who meet our ethical, quality, ecological and social expectations, hand-in-hand with providing first-class products and services.



Employee development. The company aims to foster the talent of its workforce by providing ongoing training and development opportunities, promoting diversity, equal opportunity and fairness in the workplace.

NANIUM Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct, which is in line with the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct, is binding to all team members. It meets the demands of our customers and fosters enthusiasm among team members, making a difference in our community.



NANIUM’s CSR activities are designed to make a big difference with small, cost-effective gestures. This commitment applies particularly to shaping a better future for the less fortunate and focusing on improving education. Past activities by the company and its team members include providing schools with IT infrastructure and libraries with updated educational material and presenting lectures in local schools and seminars. We also finance our team members’ training initiatives and support environmental awareness activities, as well as onsite blood and bone marrow donations. Many more activities are still to come.



Environmental protection has been a top priority from the company’s beginning. Our high level of environmentally friendly performance has been recognized since 1999 with the ISO 14001 certification. NANIUM strives to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and protect the health and safety of people. Better working conditions, energy-saving measures, efficient use of materials, reduced water consumption, controlled air and water emissions, and aggressive waste-management policies are an essential part of our daily operations.

Employee safety is a top priority throughout the organization. NANIUM has been certified according to the international standard OHSAS 18001 since 2005 and sustains a high occupational-safety level. It also is listed as a “highly protected risk” (HPR) company by our insurance entity (FM Global) every year.


NANIUM´s Environment, Health and Safety Policy can be accessed here.



In 2013, we issued our first Sustainability Report. As a leader in Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) solutions, NANIUM plays an active role in working towards sustainability. At NANIUM, we believe that this requires balancing financial results, environmental awareness, work ethics and social responsibility. Our commitment to these principles has been one of the reasons why both our people and our suppliers feel proud of working for and with us.
These were the fundamentals behind the initiative of issuing NANIUM's sustainability report on a regular basis and is in line with growing demand to greater transparency in the supply chain regarding companies’ environmental, social and economic behaviour.
NANIUM's Sustainability Report will be issued on a yearly basis during the second quarter. By regularly issuing our Sustainability Report, we want our stakeholders to become a part of our achievements as an ever more responsible player in an increasingly globalized arena.

Our Sustainability Reports are developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, which is an international standard for CSR reporting.

Click here to access our latest sustainability report.



NANIUM has a deep sense of social responsibility and is strongly committed towards long-term sustainability. There is a growing worldwide concern for the increase violence and human rights violation in the mining of certain minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring Countries. NANIUM is committed that its Supply Chain does not contribute to the human rights violation in the DRC area and that no Conflict Minerals (which include Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W) and Tin (Sn)) that are mined in the conflict areas from the DRC Region or illegally taxed on trade routes which are controlled by non-government military groups, are sourced from NANIUM or included in its or NANIUM Customers’ products.

NANIUM Suppliers, including Contractors and External Manufacturers, are required to comply with NANIUM’s Purchasing Specifications which include requirements relating with Conflict Minerals and responsible sourcing. NANIUM requires that its Suppliers do due diligence within their Supply Chain to follow these requirements and there is a regular reporting in place for surveillance on the application of these rules.