Combining world-class expertise with leading-edge equipment





Backed by our continuous pursuit of excellence, we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs with high-quality, reliable products and services, delivered on time and at competitive cost. Our commitment to be a creative R&D center of excellence, our world-class facilities and our benchmark quality management are key components of this pursuit.


From our point of view, however, achieving excellence takes more than leading-edge equipment, and NANIUM’s success is also founded on a responsible and sustainable approach. This mindset leads our commitment to create value for our customers, while also providing a reliable return to our shareholders, taking a proactive approach to environmental protection and maintaining a highly competent and motivated workforce.





NANIUM’s team has a deep and broad experience in the semiconductor industry and continuously demonstrates a commitment to help customers achieve their goals. Our culture encourages innovation and creative thinking at all levels and a dedication to offering state-of-the-art packaging, assembly and test manufacturing technologies. As members and partners of key research and market players, we spread word of our latest developments, and keep track of new approaches and releases available. This is how we stay ahead of the technology curve, thus meeting the rapidly changing technical demands that our customers face.


Throughout the enterprise, our employees are committed to maintain a culture of creativity, passion and effectiveness.
Rather than merely accepting what the situation or task in front of us presents, we take a creative approach and challenge existing rules to enable a better future, reconfiguring the present.

We are passionate about exploring ideas – new ideas, better ideas – and about working hard to make them happen.

Our culture is also built around getting the job done fast: fast problem resolution, fast time-to-market. We anticipate opportunities and execute efficiently. 


This is who we are. This is NANIUM’s way.