World-class development, manufacturing, testing and engineering for semiconductor innovators

NANIUM’s flexible engineering services meet a wide range of customer requirements, from joint-development programs (JDPs) to a complete package and test-development cycle that leads to production. We provide first feasibility studies and early prototypes and/or engineering samples until we have full product qualification and industrialization.


In addition to JDPs, we can launch customized development projects in order to achieve the best packaging and test solution for each customer. Our engineering services are grounded in deep and broad packaging technology and process knowledge and experience that can be applied to new engineering / development projects in order to achieve the best packaging solution for each customer.





Combining the expertise of our highly skilled engineering staff with our technological expertise and extensive packaging experience, we provide complete design, simulation and characterization services.
· Design and layout, including feasibility studies, design-rule definitions and validation, manufacturing specification definition and full package design
· Electromagnetic simulation investigations based on 3D modeling using Ansoft Q3D Extractor, generating equivalent circuits as SPICE/IBIS models and signal/power integrity simulation
· Package electrical parasitics extraction using Ansoft Q3D Extractor
· Thermomechanical simulation and thermal-resistance simulation based on FEM and CFD modeling
· Electrical characterization for CIN/RLC and S-parameters measurements for simulation validation




IC R&D and manufacturing require powerful failure analysis and reliability engineering tools for fast and accurate characterization of production problems and for development of reliable products. 

NANIUM has continuously demonstrated its competence in electrical, physical-failure analysis and reliability assessment for semiconductor devices. All labs are equipped with state-of-the art tools to support manufacturing, process development and R&D for package.


Electrical failure analysis

NANIUM has enabled several electrical-failure analysis techniques allowing device electrical characterization and a rapid indication for fault localization. These include:
· Impedance measurements with micro-probing capabilities
· High-speed, precision sampling of electric signal
· Time-domain reflectometry for package fault localization


Physical failure analysis

NANIUM provides state-of-the-art processes for detailed physical failure analysis aiming at physical characterization of advanced packaging configurations:
· Elementary chemical analysis with high selectivity
· High-end sample preparation for electronic microscopy
· High-throughput metallographic sample preparation
· Dry etch and wet etch sample de-layering
· High-resolution imaging
· Image analysis, manipulation and measuring software
· Material characterization (DMA, TMA, DSC)


Reliability assessment

NANIUM also offers a wide range of reliability assessment tools for semiconductor packaging, including:
· Thermal stress with wide temperature range, humidity and bias capabilities
· Second-level reliability (Temperature Cycling on Board and Drop Testing)
 · Electrical stress with real-time impedance measurement
· Lifetime expectancy with advanced statistical software