Combining world-class expertise with leading-edge equipment

At NANIUM, we are committed to deliver solutions beyond expectations. We have been doing so since we opened doors back in 1996 - in some cases, to the same customers.

Ever since its inception, NANIUM's satisfaction surveys have consistently scored above target, and nowadays we are regarded as Benchmark Vendors. Such a long-lasting success is not easy to attain. In our case, three of the key reasons for our enduring success are our in-house R&D team, our world-class facilities and our commitment to quality.

In-house R&D team

As a leader in wafer-level packaging, NANIUM offers customers world-class, turnkey solutions on state-of-the-art 300mm wafer-processing equipment. But it takes much more than tools to consistently deliver the best results in key metrics like time to market, cost efficiency and yield. It also takes highly skilled engineers who understand customers’ technical challenges and business goals – and their need to know their IP is secure.

NANIUM is known for the excellent engineering capabilities, creativity, innovation and attention to detail that its staff brings to every project, whether they’re working with companies with very specific needs and low volumes, or on a high-volume project with IDMs, OEMs and fabless companies.

Having worked for many years inside large IDMs, our R&D and engineering teams are used to working in a multicultural environment, and managing the supply chain worldwide.

In addition, today's packaging engineer must have knowledge and experience in physics, chemistry, materials, design and process development. We meet this need through a systematic, continuous learning and job-rotation program. The result is world-class expertise applied to individual customers’ priorities.


NANIUM’s modern headquarters and manufacturing site sit in Vila do Conde, near Porto, Portugal.
The planning and construction of our modern production facilities was attained with the support of our in-house engineering team, ensuring state-of-the-art buildings and cleanroom technology. The facilities were designed to achieve zero safety accidents, zero impact to the environment, zero interruptions to production and zero utilities out of specification. Our production facilities include over 20,000m2 of classified cleanroom areas, and all required special utilities are monitored round-the-clock.

NANIUM’s Building Management System has more than 10,000 monitoring and environmental control points. Intelligent energy-management tools have been implemented throughout the campus to ensure efficient and cost-effective use of resources. Our site is classified by FM Global as “HPR – Highly Protected Risk”, recognizing that we have in place all the conditions to reduce our exposure to loss. Business continuity plans are available for all technical facilities, logistics areas, and IT.

We have been working with continuous improvement goals since our very inception, and we make sure to implement refine measures on a yearly basis. The results of these implementations can be found in our yearly sustainability report.

Environmental projects are also part of our commitment. As a reflex of these, for instance, we are proud to opt for species that use less water, and in 2014 we planted over 170 new trees as a reflex of our contribution to biodiversity.