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The need to integrate more functionality on less space is driving an increasing demand for Wafer-Level System-in-Package (WLSiP) and Wafer-Level 3D Integration (WL3D) solutions, as opposed to single-die packages mounted in the conventional way that uses more space and impacts performance. 


NANIUM specializes in complex system solutions with small form factors, leveraging its one-stop shop capabilities for maximum efficiency – from first design to high-volume manufacturing and the capability to co-design and co-develop with our customers.

Providing a variety of interconnect technologies like wire bond, flip chip, conductive adhesive and soldering on the same manufacturing line offers significant system integration benefits to our customers.

While most of today’s SiP solutions are based on organic laminated-substrate interposer, NANIUM is developing even smaller and thinner high-performance system-in-package solutions on wafer level (WLSiP).